Taking Consumers Off-Grid is Viable, Sometimes Preferable

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2015-08-17 00:00:00

Not only is “off-grid” a viable option for some regional and remote consumers, but it’s an option that could lead to significant cost savings – tens of millions of dollars – and other benefits for network operators. The greatest benefits of off-grid power supply would occur where reliability is low, maintenance and pole replacement costs are high, in high-risk areas – such as those prone to bush fires, in areas where distributed generation already exists or there is a readily available resource.
We need to consider new approaches to supply consumers at the lowest possible cost, while ensuring reliable electricity delivery. Because as distributed generation and storage technologies become more affordable, the edge of the grid will continue to grow and off-grid supply will become a viable alternative for more people. Our power network operators are gradually coming to terms with the changing energy market – a transformation driven by the rapid introduction of distributed renewable energy capacity, mostly from residential consumers who are fed up with soaring energy bills.




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